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SEO and Site Performance Dilemma - What's Happening?

the seo vs technology dilemmaSearch Engine Updates Boost SEO Opportunities

Search engines are implementing regular algorithm updates to keep up to date with technology changes brought about by user experiences, artificial intelligence, voice activated services and smart devices.

Google is indirectly inviting brands to take hold of these SEO opportunities as part of their marketing strategy, by rewarding compliant websites with high search result page rank positions and penalising those who do not.


Mobile Devices are Shaping Online Marketing Strategies

Mobile search friendless is now one of the main website optimisation success criteria alongside site speed, content relevance and social media marketing. If your website is not optimisied to reflect these crucial metrics then over time it will lose out on rank position to competitors who are actively taking steps to boost their brand awareness by investing in strategic digital marketing campaigns.


The Demise of Traditional Marketing

Smart phones and tablets provide people with new ways to surf online, with a large proportion of online searches resulting in product and services purchases. It is evident that there is a gradual, yet exponential shift in the number of gadget users trust search engines to satisfy their search intent and requirements. This presents an interesting twist for traditional marketing that rely on radio broadcasts and TV commercials.

The truth is, people hate annoying interruptions of their present engagement and this is very often the type of user experiences that traditional marketing bring. With search engines searches, online users are in total control of what they search for, how long results are displayed and which pages are actually visited.

SEO Traffic Trends

Every company that operate as a brand online need SEO. Organic search is the most valuable channel for marketing reach. This is what Google first page result clicks look like.

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