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The Power of Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags generally represent keywords that are preceded by the hash symbol (#) or - in communication terminology- the pound sign. Hashtags enable easy search engine referencing, as well as increase the likelihood for your post to trend amongst popular topic of interest. 

So, in simple layman terms, hashtag is an internet marketing symbol that when used appropriately, can lead to high impact engagement and desirable online visitor traffic from social media.

Hashtags are commonly associated with Social Media platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and others, which you may consider investigating in your own time. Although many social media channels have now latched on to the well loved hashtag concept, some online visitors and businesses have only just started to become familiar. The presence of hashtags doesn't necessarily mean your post or articles will definitely trend,  however it presents increased opportunity for successful visitor engagement and conversion.

How Many Hashtags are Required Inorder to Trend?

Hashtag trending is a key target for Social Media Marketers, since getting your post on the Twitter "Trending List" is considered a major achievement. It is common belief in the digital marketing arena that trending tweets results in higher conversion rate and ROI, but do you know how to get there? Trends in Twitter are those hashtag keywords in the left hand side box, with selection for user or location contexts.

The power of Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

Similar to Google page ranking, Twitter confirmed that its trends are determined by an algorithm that looks at posts popularity, mentions and other important metrics. Obviously, the more mentions, retweets and type of post tweeted will make possibility for trending more certain. Other social media platforms may adopt slightly different trending tactics, but the results amount to the same.

Hashtag Profiling: Social Media Hidden Secrets

To benefit from meaningful hashtag trending, there must be a deliberate approach towards your social media marketing campaign and posting frequency.

It's not too difficult as others may have led you to believe, but like anything else, starting isn't always easy and that is where your initial energy and a dedicated mindset is truly required.



Follow these key steps to increase your likelihood for successful hashtag trending:

  1. Think of the best subject you can talk about in detail and plan for consistent delivery.
  2. Start tweeting: tweets doesn't have to be long. Just remember they are currently only 140 characters.
  3. Look for the right parties: Your niche visitors and influencers should grow once you do your initial preparation properly. Keep tweet frequency and relevance in mind as your search progresses.
  4. Provide updates: providing timely updates shows dedication and keen interest to communicate with your followers, influencers and customers and should naturally increase online trust through frequent  engagement.
  5. Have a personal approach: adopting the correct balance will enable you to easily communicate with other niche market members who may share useful tips and tricks that could help you trend quickly.


Important Observations for Hashtag Trending

There may be numerous tweets from online visitors about a topic, location or thing, yet this doesn't mean it will become a trending tweet (#TT). Things to aim for in your quest for trending hashtags include:

  • Introduce new topics which has no previous record of popularity
  • or, even though popular before, has been resurrected via a new group of people.


Key Principles for Harnessing the Power of Hashtags for Twitter

Social Media definitely changed the way businesses engage and promote their brand voice for increased marketing exposure. No longer is traditional marketing the corner stone for advertising campaigns, but instead this has been taken over by a fresh wave of digital marketing strategies which includes Social Media and the power of hashtags.

So here important considerations to successfully harness the power of hashtags for effective Twitter Marketing:

  • Hashtags promote brand voice effectively and anyone using social media platforms can create and consume it - click and explore it.
  • Hashtags is a powerful technique for online engagement and direct messaging - advertisement on your profile - for greater influence and lead generation.
  • Tweets with hashtags are more likely to get higher clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies than those not making use of this Twitter posting feature.
  • Hashtags create opportunities to establish stronger brand identity.


Final Thoughts on the Power of Hashtag

Hashtags are now considered essential for digital marketing and based on current social signal trends, will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. It is likely that the power of hashtags may increase drastically, given the rapid explosion of mobile devices as targets for social media marketing. What are your views?

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