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We work with established businesses who already have an online presence and are serious about increasing SEO traffic, conversion rate and sales from prospects.

Each digital marketing requirement is different, so costs for Social Media Marketing, SEO or Content Marketing is dependent on how much work is involved. We offer consultancy across budget ranges and scope so Get in touch to discuss your no obligation quote.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation require ongoing competitor and search engine assessment to understand and adapt to changes that could affect your rank position and brand authority. Because of these unexpected metric adjustments we are unable to guarantee success within definite timescales. Our experiences and skillsets in SEO and Social Media Marketing enable us to apply the best digital marketing techniques for achieving successful SEO outcomes.

No. It is generally easier to provide clients with an idea of digital marketing efforts following the initial SEO audit and the onboarding process. You will also have a dedicated  digital marketing account manager assigned for the proposed duration of your campaign. Your monthly detailed SEO report should also provide useful insights of progress against objectives.

The goal of SEO Marketing is to help you create high traffic, seamless user experiences that improvde communicate and rank position in search engines. This type of Internet Marketing solution can promote your website reputation online, with prospects of favourable Return on Investment (ROI) based trustworthiness and user engagement.

Keyword research is important for SEO Marketing and help you to target the right kind of visitors to promote your brand successfully online. At Marcomz Networks we are specialist at long tail keywords for niche market SEO campaign.

Our Online Marketing expertise allows us to help you identify the correct choice of words, phrase and placement for the best search engine rank position. We can help you with:

  • Assessing the value of keywords
  • Understanding SEO demands for long tail keywords
  • Conducting your keyword research to benefit from competitor analysis and keyword trending

Search engine snippets used to be provided by DMOZ, which cease to exist recently. Search engine snippets help online users decide whether a page they are considering to visit is worthwhile or not. So, in a nutshell, search results snippets hekp to inform user engagement decisions.

Social Media relies on the increasing presence of social networking sites that can be effectively used as platforms for engaging with visitors online in real time or via direct messages. To be successful, Social Media Marketing requires a strategic approach that can be meaasured, tracked and improved upon within specific timeframe to determine progres. Common Social Media platforms include the likes of Facebook, Google+, Linked-in, Twitter and Pinterest.

To get professional digital marketing consultancy that is right for your business today,

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Here are some key features to note about Twitter post trending:

Trending Topics doesn't meet popularity criteria.

Numerous tweets about the topic doesn't result in a #TT unless other criteria are also taken into consideration. Pos

Press Release help you to present clear, straightforward messages to the attention of journalists and wider segments of the digital media industry in the form of a news .

At Marcomz Networks, we can help you develop niche related PR strategies as well do all Press Release and social engagements on you behalf.

We created a detailed blog entry about Press Release which you might find useful to read.

It is likely that your niche market is already online and looking for the services that you are offering. With recent trends in smart divices and tablet, this trend is set to increase even more, with customers looking for services and products online, whilst on the move. Our Digital Marketing Consultancy help you to strategically target the right customers within your niche for high Return on Investment (ROI).

To get professional digital marketing consultancy that is right for your business today,

Digital Marketing Consultancy

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